Don’t Take Our Word For It

Curious to know what we’re really capable of? Take a look at what our customers have to say about us. We love getting feedback in order to improve our business operations, and invite you to read some of our testimonials below.

Fraz is so passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and her personal plan really helped me achieve consistent weight management and better health. Despite exercising and reducing my carbs I was still finding it difficult to lose weight. POW’s 14 days flexitarian plan was a great breakthrough for myself and my husband, not only did we start to lose weight we also felt energised and learnt so much about food.

Lynsey, Gloucestershire

I sought advice from Fraz as I was experiencing chronic digestive issues - primarily acid reflux . After an endoscopy, results confirmed I had hiatus hernia and my GP advised takin g antacids to supress the acid build up. 

Fraz advised that I take slippery elm and make some changes to my diet. The difference was absolutely incredible and the relief was overwhelming. I rarely have acid reflux now. Fraz's support, knowledge and guidance along with the personal plans that POW offers have made a huge difference, not just to my previous issues but on my overall health. 

Hamish, Oxfordshire

 I suffer from arthritis as well as thyroid issues and my demanding job was affecting both. The POW personalised plan really helped to reduce the inflammation and the recommended supplements helped alleviate bouts of pain and low immunity. After taking Fraz'z advice and making positive changed in my diet and lifestyle I am able to manage both illnesses quite well, this is work in progress.  That said the changes made so far have been noticeable and I feel so much better! 

Larissa, Hertfordshire

I have a highly demanding job and the stress related to my role was starting to affect my health. A blood rest revealed I had high cholesterol and compromised immunity.  I also suffered from regular sleep disturbances.

POW's plan quickly helped to address my issues as well as changing my diet. I was advised to introduce wellbeing activities into my life to help with stress and sleep management. Six months' later not only have I noticed the positive changes in me so have others : )

Andrew, Oxfordshire