Why our health needs sleep!

POW 6 Good sleeping Habits to adopt

Why do we need a good night’s sleep? Put simply, a lack of sleep directly affects our daytime energy productivity emotions and moods. Research has also highlighted that sleep deprivation can impact weight gain or loss, increase levels of anxiety, adversely affect your brain and heart health, immune system, creativity and vitality.

Our daytime activities habits and life challenges can impact how well we sleep which if not addressed leads to a vicious never-ending cycle of stress anxiety, fatigue, poor productivity and in some cases depression.

However, whilst you might not be able to control all the factors that keep you awake at night you can form some healthy habits that can lead to a good night’s rest.

6 Simple Sleep-inducing Habits:

1) The value of 8 hours. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time daily and limit the difference in weekend and weekday sleep patterns. Consistency reinforces the body’s sleep-wake rhythm.

2) Watch what are you eating and drinking. Limit nicotine caffeine and alcohol and if you do have them try and void having them an hour or so before going to bed.

3) Create a restful home environment. Ensure your bedroom is declutter, and a calm and relaxing space. Don have electronic devises in the bedroom or light emitting devices they can disturb your sleep.

4) Avoid daytime snoozes. Day time naps interfere with night-time sleep patterns.

5) Get Physical. It’s no secret that physical exercise helps you sleep better. Try taking a walk first thing in the morning to get you started.

6) Stress down. We can’t always control stress however getting organised setting tasks and sharing responsibilities at work or home is one way of minimising stress. Meditation and mindfulness also help.

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