3 Steps to Manage Stress-Based Health Risks

Research highlights that stress impacts the body is many ways. It can affect both your physical and mental well-being. It is also key to recognise that your physical and mental well-being can affect stress.

Stress is also part of the human response mechanism to a perceived threat, flight or fight. However, in this instance when the stress is eliminated the body’s response levels return to normal.

Negative or acute stress can have an adverse effect on you overall health resulting in some of the following conditions and prolonged stress can lead to burnout, anxiety disorders and depression as well as:


hair loss

heart disease



sexual dysfunction

tooth and gum disease

3 Steps to manage stress:

1. Exercise. Physical activity has a huge impact on your brain and body whether it’s a simple walk or an exercise class it can reduce stress and improve many symptoms associated with mental illness.

2. Self-Care Routine. Learn to eat well avoiding sugary, starch and processed foods. Take time out- set aside a high hour a day just for you this is not a luxury but essential for good health.

3. Mindfulness. Meditation, yoga and massage are all good ways of relaxing, calming the mind and the body.

By: Fraz Rees On:20-08-2019

Nature is a great healer, for stress relief and mindfulness


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