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POWer Up Your Life!

Hello, I am Fraz Rees, your Nutritionist and Founder of POW. 

I am a  functional and integrative nutrionist and author.  Functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. This allows me to treat the underlying cause of an individual's health issues and encourage them to regain optimal health by addressing imbalances and deficiencies through a personalised nutritional plan.

I help you achieve POW, Prevention, Optimisation and Wellness. 



POW Consultation

Prior to your consultation it is essential that you complete a three-day food diary, this will be emailed to you. Please complete and return the diary one week ahead of your appointment.

Initial Consultation 60 Minutes

The initial consultation consists of an in-depth discussion about your health history, current dietary patterns, nutritional status  and lifestyle. Understanding these areas will help define a personalised nutritional plan specific to your needs. Your plan will include nutrition-rich dietary modifications, positive lifestyle changes and recommended supplements. Functional testing will also be advised where necessary. This will include stool, urine, blood and hormonal testing, allowing me to build a true profile of your underlying symptoms and imbalances to help you regain optimal health and well being.  You will receive your plan within 2 working days of the consultation. It will outline areas that require assessment, nutritional advice, and suggestions for supplements if needed. I will work with you to effectively manage your symptoms and expectations to help you achieve your goals. You will be able to review and note your personal experience within in the plan.

Support Consultation 20 Minutes (Optional)

Prior to the follow-up consultation you can book an additional 20 Minute session.

Follow-Up 40 Minutes

This takes place 4 weeks after the initial consultation, this may vary based on your individual plans.  This appointment will include a personal audit of your experience, progression since the initial session and any issues or obstacles you faced. Any new symptoms or priorities and supplemental changes will be reviewed at this appointment.