Thank you for visiting POW.   I hope that what you find here inspires you to dig a little deeper and when you leave, you feel energised and perhaps even willing to make a small change. Sometimes I pinch myself thinking am I really doing this, helping people improve their lives by educating them to prevent illness and optimise their general wellbeing?

Two major life events led me on this journey. The first, a happy occasion, the birth of my second daughter. Post pregnancy, I realised that no matter how many different diets I started, the baby weight was just not shifting. Inspired by my sister in-law, who was training for the Great North Run, I decided to get fit together with my husband and we were soon taking part in events like the Wolf Run, Tough Mudder and Water Wipe Out.

The second event was not so happy, in fact it was pure tragedy. The love of my life of 20 years and husband for 14 years, Anthony, at the age of 44, was diagnosed with terminal Oesophageal metastatic cancer. The prognosis was not encouraging, indicating a low survival rate of six months. This is when I truly started to understand the importance of nutrition. After much in-depth research into how I could support Anthony, I adopted a holistic approach and radically changed our diet fitness plans and lifestyle, as a family.

In fact my GP told me that these changes had helped give Anthony an extra year, precious time that we didn't think we had. Although I cannot find words to describe the loss, the experience has empowered me.

Qualified in nutrition having completed a diploma at the college of Naturopathic Medicine and CBT, l decided to create POW so I can share everything I have learnt and experienced.  I would like to support everyone that's willing to start making a change, whatever the reason.

My focus is on prevention, by providing a nutritionally rich, balanced food and lifestyle plan that is designed to be convenient and personalised to you. POW plans will help combat issues like gut disorders, hormonal issues, sleep deprivation, or stress.  I am here to help you achieve POW, Prevention, Optimisation and Wellness. Build on wellness and invest in yourself to unlock your body's true potential!